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DRSA Representing DiCianni’s Visual Treasury of the Bible

Ron DiCianni, an illustrator for 25 years, has dedicated his talents solely to proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel.

In the spirit of Renaissance artists like Michelangelo who visually instructed people in their generation about the Christian faith, Ron DiCianni’s new project, A Visual Treasury of God’s Word, visually interprets Scriptures for 21st Century Christians, making God’s Word personal as they discover themselves in the stories of Bible.

“We are not in need of more admirers of the Bible”, DICianni says.  “We are in need of a people who will embrace it as their personal message from God”.

“The sub-title says it all:  Finding Yourself in the Stories of the Bible”, DiCianni adds.” Would we not be stirred to apply Scripture if we knew the person kneeling at the Father’s feet is us?”

During the Renaissance, artists like Michelangelo were needed to visually illustrate for their generation what they needed to know since they lived in a time when there were no Bibles. While we in the 21st century have plenty of Bibles and people are literate, our culture is, nevertheless, ignorant of God’s love and what He has done to save them through eternity.   For our day, Ron DiCianni has assembled a collection of over 100 color plates from the Bible visually interpreting the Bible unlike anything else in the modern age.   For more information about Ron’s art, go to:

For a proposal on his new project, contact DRS:


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