Annie Moses Band Members Collaborate on Children’s Book Based on Musical Work

New Children's Book by the Wolavers

New Children’s Book by the Wolavers

In her speaking and writing, author, poet, composer and co-founder of the Annie Moses Band, Robin Wolaver, describes poetry as a pillar of early-childhood education.

The author of The Song of Annie Moses (Guideposts) urges families to read poetry aloud to their children to feed their fluency during the early and primary years. Now she and illustrator Berklee Wolaver, Robin’s fellow AMB member and daughter-in-law, are collaborators on a children’s book that embodies her philosophy.

Every Park Needs a Lark that Sings is a good example of why families should follow her advice. Originally written as the lyrics for a tune in “Pennywhistle Park,” one of the most popular musicals performed by the children of Robin’s Fine Arts Summer Academy, Every Park builds on the tune’s music and melody to create a book that makes language easy for a child to learn, perform, and remember.

The book will come with a free download of the song version so parents and children can sing along.  Marketing opportunities abound with AMB’s promotion of the project. To see the proposal, contact DRS at


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