DRSA Acquires Chris Carmichael’s New Project for Representation

Royal Family KIDS President Writes to GenXers coming into leadership roles during “The Great Transition”

Dinosaurs and Aliens: Managing the Great Transition is the working title for Chris Carmichael’s new book aimed at current and upcoming business,ministry and nonprofit leaders who will be managing the country during the largest transfer of wealth and responsibility in American history.  The book explores the impending changes as the Baby Boomer generation retires or is forced out of positions of influence and replaced with people from a much smaller group  — Generation X. 

“The remainder of open spots”, Carmichael says, “will be filled with Millennials and iChris Carmichael Headshotmmigrants. The resulting workforce across business, ministry and nonprofits will look and behave vastly different than workforces preceding it”. He adds, “Will the new workforce “play well’ together? Can GenXers rise up to navigate the land of Dinosaurs and Aliens?.

As President of Royal Family KIDS, a non-profit organization that serves children in foster care, Chris focuses on partnerships with churches, corporations, foundations and individuals motivated to help change the life trajectory of children in foster care. The organization has over 100,000 alumni volunteers. He is also the owner of a digital content company. 


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