Mark MacDonald Signs with DRSA

Brand Strategist, Creative Director writes first trade book to help faith-based leaders communicate mission, vision

Marked by Design: What It Takes to be Known for Something is the title of Mark MacDonald’s new project based on his consultng work with churches and organizations as Creative Director for PinPoint Creative and Brand Strategist for

MacDonald says his book encourages ministry and faith-based leaders to focus on contextualizing their work and ministry within the community in which they exist.Mark MacDonald Headshot

It’s easy to bring back the concepts and ideas of others from popular books, conferences, and learning experiences. But leadership is more than simply imposing an external reality on a nameless, faceless body of people but about connecting with real people in the community, meeting their specific needs, and watching something supernatural happen in the midst of it. This is how churches can become known for something”, MacDonald says.

The book is designed to help leaders learn how to identify, create, and share an infectious story that will naturally draw people together around a common purpose and cause.

DRSA author/collaborator Ben Stroup is consulting with MacDonald on this project. 


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