About Us

The DRS Agency works with communicators who want to expand the reach and influence of their ministry, business, or organization though publishing.  Whether the vehicle is a traditional trade publishing house, an in-house publishing program, or a professional network, DRS guides clients through the maze of today’s publishing options and helps them determine the right publishing strategy for them.

Publishing services provided by DRS include:

  • Literary Representation. For authors seeking a traditional publishing arrangement with a book publisher, DRS serves as a literary agent by helping clients develop a compelling book proposal, pitching the project to publishers, and negotiating contract deal points.
  • Manuscript Review and Coaching.  DRS works with authors to develop the strongest manuscript possible through its review and coaching services.  Whether the project is fiction or non-fiction, DRS and its network of professional editors can take a project in hand and improve its prospects for getting published.
  • Book Production.  In conjunction with its sister agency, New Vantage Partners and its New Vantage Books imprint, DRS provides creative custom publishing services for clients who want more control over the publishing process and their rights or who do not need to go through a traditional publisher for their publishing needs.  From manuscript editing and proofing, to design and layout, to printing and distribution, DRS will help deliver a professionally published book product in print and digital formats.
  • Product Marketing. Whether an author is traditionally published or goes the custom publishing route, the author’s own marketing efforts is a key component of the book’s success. DRS works with authors to develop marketing strategies and plans that include website design, ads, and other special promotional materials.

The DRS Agency was founded by publishing veteran David R. Shepherd in 2009 after serving in a Nashville publishing house for 15 years, 10 of those years as Publisher.  During that time he acquired and/or worked with such authors as Oliver North, Mike Huckabee, Chuck Norris, Beth Moore, Michael Reagan, Henry Blackaby, Vicki Courtney, Marian Jordan, Tom Doyle, and Calvin Miller.  He also served as executive editor for the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation project.

Rounding out the DRS team of agents are Rachel S. Boye and Daniel S. Shepherd.  Rachel primarily represents the Agency’s female Christian authors while Daniel works with authors publishing within the ABA market as well as the CBA market.


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