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New Travis Hearn Manuscript Available for Acquisition

Travis Hearn

Travis Hearn

Phoenix area pastor Travis Hearn takes on big “buts” in his second book project, Your But’s Too Big:  A Guide to No Excuse Living.

According to Hearn, the book is for people who “need a little extra nudge and a shot of motivational and inspirational adrenalin to live a life of no excuses! To live their dreams! To overcome their fears! To reach their goals! To step out and do what they’ve always dreamed of doing! To take hold of the truth of God’s Word about themselves and their future.”

“Everybody’s got a big ole but”, Hearn says with his characteristic mnemonic turn of phrase, “and it’s one of the nastiest sights in our culture today! It’s ugly. Our buts have become so excessively large that they literally paralyze us from accomplishing the dreams and desires we have had.”

Hearn is Senior Pastor of Impact Church in Scottsdale, a congregation listed by Outreach Magazine as one of the top ten fastest growing churches.  His first book, Game Changer: The defining moment that takes you from trials to triumph releases in September 2014.

Contact David R. Shepherd at to receive a copy of the proposal.

Annie Moses Band Members Collaborate on Children’s Book Based on Song

Every Park Needs a Lark 2In her speaking and writing, author, poet, composer and co-founder of the Annie Moses Band, Robin Wolaver, describes poetry as a pillar of early-childhood education. The author of The Song of Annie Moses (Guideposts) urges families to read poetry aloud to their children to feed their fluency during the early and primary years. Now she and illustrator Berklee Wolaver, Robin’s fellow AMB member and daughter-in-law, are collaborators on a children’s book that embodies her philosophy. Every Park Needs a Lark that Sings is a good example of why families should follow her advice. Originally written as the lyrics for a tune in “Pennywhistle Park,” one of the most popular musicals performed by the children of Robin’s Fine Arts Summer Academy, Every Park builds on the tune’s music and melody to create a book that makes language easy for a child to learn, perform, and remember. The book will come with a free download of the song version so parents and children can sing along. Marketing opportunities abound with AMB’s promotion of the project. To see the proposal, contact DRS at
Blanton’s Hearts in Defiance Historical Romance Ready for Acquisition

A Lady in Defiance is an Indie Hit

A Lady in Defiance is an Indie Hit

Heather’s first novel, A Lady in Defiance, was by all standards an indie hit, selling over 12,000 copies since its debut in February of 2012; Seventy percent of these sales were at $2.99. The book currently has 270+ reviews on Amazon and carries a 4.7 star rating. A Lady’s success was based on energetic word-of-mouth, a fortuitous spotlight from, and some thoughtful pricing promotions which pushed the book onto multiple Amazon bestseller lists. Now her followup work, Hearts in Defiance is complete and available for acquisition. To see the proposal,contact Rachel Boye:

DRSA Representing DiCianni’s Visual Treasury of the Bible
Ron DiCianniRon DiCianni, an illustrator for 25 years, has dedicated his talents solely to proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel. In the spirit of Renaissance artists like Michelangelo who visually instructed people in their generation about the Christian faith, Ron DiCianni’s new project, A Visual Treasury of God’s Word, visually interprets Scriptures for 21st Century Christians, making God’s Word personal as they discover themselves in the stories of Bible.
“We are not in need of more admirers of the Bible”, DICianni says. “We are in need of a people who will embrace it as their personal message from God”.
“The sub-title says it all: Finding Yourself in the Stories of the Bible”, DiCianni adds.” Would we not be stirred to apply Scripture if we knew the person kneeling at the Father’s feet is us?”
During the Renaissance, artists like Michelangelo were needed to visually illustrate for their generation what they needed to know since they lived in a time when there were no Bibles. While we in the 21st century have plenty of Bibles and people are literate, our culture is, nevertheless, ignorant of God’s love and what He has done to save them through eternity. For our day, Ron DiCianni has assembled a collection of over 100 color plates from the Bible visually interpreting the Bible unlike anything else in the modern age. For more information about Ron’s art, go to:
For a proposal on his new project, contact DRS:
lean2 (3)Five women in a small Texas town learn about trust, identity, and inner healing … while fighting international criminals when four of them are put in charge of commissioning artwork for the new, ultra-modern (and ultra-ugly) building of a local church. Gibbons Creek, Texas is the backdrop for Fill the Space, a new fiction piece by bestselling fiction author Thom Lemmons (Jabez: A Novel) and his co-author wife Karla Edison.
Emm, a mystery woman who is definitely not from Texas, arrives in Gibbons Creek, courtesy of the US Marshal service. The four church women soon discover Emm has an encyclopedic knowledge of art, which is a tremendous asset in their church-decorating efforts. Unfortunately, Emm’s expertise has also placed her in the cross-hairs of the Russian mob boss whose international art theft ring is endangered as long as Emm is alive and able to testify. As the women learn to trust Emm and each other, they discover that they are doing much more than filling the empty spaces on the church walls; they are also filling up some of the voids in their own lives.The project features nail-biting suspense, heartwarming characters, Southern cooking, and sassy dialogue, all served up with a pleasing Texas twang.
Lemmons, the author of 12 published novels, is the managing editor for Texas A&M University Press and an editorial consultant. Eidson is a professor of education and children’s literature at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.
To review the proposal, contact DRS Associate Rachel Boye at
Holy Land 360 Project from Tom Doyle, Dana Friedlander AvailableDead Sea
Through its descriptive and personal narrative as well as the amazing 360 degree photography, the Jesus Journey will help readers gain a unique perspective on the life of Christ in the land of promise.  This project features vingettes from well known Christian teachers such as Anne Graham Lotz and others.  TIP: This project has strong corporate and ministry buy-back possibilities. Contact
Mercy for My Enemies: The Key to Finding Closure Available

Doug Schmidt HeadshotThis new work by Doug Schmidt picks up where his previous work, The Prayer of Revenge: Forgiveness in the Face of Injustice left off.  He guides the reader through the intense emotions of bitterness and revenge to miraculously reaching the point of asking God to be merciful to those who have caused unspeakable losses. TIP: Doug is one of the featured experts in DivorceCare’s revised DVD curriculum, currently used by 10,000 churches, about 15,000 leaders, and some 150,000 participants every 13 weeks. For a proposal, contact DRS at

Women’s Bible study projects with author and Bible teacher Marian Jordan available

Marian Jordan Photo 2  Those of you who publish women’s Bible study projects need to take a close look at Marian Jordan and her Redeemed Girl Ministries and consider working with her to develop a new series for women ages 18-35. She’s the author of the popular Sex and the City Uncovered, the recently released Sex and the Single Christian Girl, and four other titles and has her Master’s degree in theology from Southwestern Theological Seminary.  TIP:  Go to  and see for yourself what this up-and-coming Bible teacher has to bring to a publishing partnership. Contact


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